B4000 Bed Measurement System Device Video

There are seven numbered zones in and around hospital bed spaces in which patients can potentially become trapped. Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4 account for about 80% of reported entrapment events. This instructional video shows you how to test these four zones according to the FDA guidelines to reduce entrapment.

G4000 Medical Gas Outlet Analyzer Video

Just because an outlet looks safe does not mean that it is. It is your job to ensure that every gas outlet in your facility is connected properly. The G4000 Medical Gas Outlet Analyzer gives you instant knowledge of positive pressure outlets and vacuum inlets while decreasing testing time by 50% or more. Learn how to use it.

R7000 Electrical Receptacle Analyzer Video

You can save time and money by testing your own electrical outlets with the R7000 Electrical Receptacle Analyzer instead of having to hire an outside source. Advanced testing and routine maintenance checks are fast and easy. Learn how to use it.