Introducing Bionix® Safety Technologies

Toledo, OH – May 3, 2017 National Safety Technologies (NST), a division of Bionix since 1993, specialized in developing solutions that expedite testing and reporting to the stringent requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The Joint Commission. Today, those solutions are provided by the same team under a new name; Bionix Safety Technologies.

“We’re proud of the NST name and the brand it developed into. Now it’s time for Bionix Safety Technologies to represent our future,” said Josephine Murphy, Director of Operations at Bionix Safety Technologies. “Representing the Bionix brand will strengthen our position in current markets as well as those we plan to enter.”

With the introduction of Bionix Safety Technologies, visitors will be greeted with a simplified website that provides the solutions and tools they need. Returning customers will continue to receive the same high quality interaction and customer service they are accustomed to. This change will provide greater access to resources associated with the larger, 33-year old healthcare brand.

To learn more about Bionix Safety Technologies and products associated with bed system safety, electrical receptacle testing, and gas outlet analyzation, visit or call 800-678-7072.

 About Bionix

Founded in 1984, Bionix Development Corporation is a quality driven, service oriented multi-national company committed to acquiring, developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative medical products that help people. For more information about Bionix, visit

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