Swaddler for Phototherapy

Bionix Swaddler for Phototherapy gives care givers the ability to safely swaddle infants undergoing phototherapy, while allowing over 86% light transmittance.

Problem: During the first week of life, approximately 1 in 8 full term infants are readmitted for jaundice, and nearly all premature infants weighing <1500g become clinically jaundice. Add bright lights, sticky leads, and various other attachments, and infants are suddenly in a high stress environment.

Solution: Swaddler for Phototherapy provides a familiar barrier for the arms and legs that does not interfere with phototherapy treatment or infant monitoring. The unique fabric allows for over 86% of light transmittance to reach the infants skin.

Results: A simple solution that provides a comforting environment to infants undergoing treatment of hyperbilirubinemia.