Bionix ShotBlocker® helps healthcare providers minimize needle injection pain associated with injection administration at half the cost of competitors.

Problem: Needle apprehension and pain can create anxiety associated with injections for all patients, children through adults. Anesthetic creams and freezing sprays can be costly, can damage the skin, and take time before working.

Solution: ShotBlocker®, a novel application of the Gate Theory of Pain Management, uses a number of blunt contact points to saturate the sensory signals around an injection site distracting the patients from the pain signals of the needle poke.

Results: A simple, non-invasive, drug free method that instantly reduces needle plain and anxiety at half the cost of other methods.


Features & Benefits

Contact points create an immediate distracting effect – no waiting for topical effects.

Eliminates the need for costly anesthetic creams or freezing sprays.

For intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.

Simple design.

Single patient use reduces the risk of cross-contamination.


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Best Tech for Pediatrics: 2014


Maumee Pediatric Associates ShotBlocker Patient Study
Assessment of Discomfort with Usual Immunization Practice Compared to the Use of Usual Practice and ShotBlocker
Efficacy of ShotBlocker (Ma. Abigail D. Guevarra, MD)
Efficacy of ShotBlocker (American Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Press Releases

ShotBlocker® is now available to block the pain of injections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ShotBlocker work?

Shotblocker’s ability to block pain is based on the Gate Control Theory of Pain Management. The theory states that there is a gating mechanism in the spinal cord that can be either opened or closed. When opened, pain signals are transferred through small nerve fibers to the brain and a pain sensation is experienced. It has been found that the gate can be closed by simultaneous stimulation of large diameter nerve fibers, those that respond to touch.

Are there studies that prove ShotBlocker blocks the pain of injections?

Bionix Medical Technologies partnered with Flower Hospital in Toledo, Ohio to complete a study on the effectiveness of the ShotBlocker device. The results of the study show that the ShotBlocker significantly reduced pain from minor injections.

View the ShotBlocker studies.

What is the added cost to injection procedures when using ShotBlocker?

At about .50 per device, the cost of ShotBlocker will be minimal compared to other methods that are currently used.

Why is ShotBlocker single-patient use?

ShotBlocker is designed to be single-patient use in order to promote a sterile environment during injection procedures. The single-patient use feature of the ShotBlocker also eliminates the cost associated with resterilization.

How many are there in a box?

ShotBlocker is available in two different quantities; 50 per box and 100 per box.