Bionix SafeStraw allows healthcare providers to safely manage swallowed liquid volume and help reduce aspiration risk of patients with oral motor dysfunction.

Problem: Patients with oral motor dysfunction have difficulty controlling a liquid bolus and often swallow prematurely causing them to aspirate.

Solution: SafeStraw™ limits volume to 6.2 ml’s, per sip helping to reduce the likelihood of aspiration by promoting a controllable liquid bolus.

Result: Limited bolus size helps reduce aspiration risks allowing patients to safely, discreetly, and independently drink from a variety of containers such as cups and bottles.


Features & Benefits

Alleviates the task of manually controlling volume intake by squeezing the straw or spoon-feeding.

Discreet drinking and training tool for your patients.

Delivers approximately 6.2mls of fluids per suck.

Two versions accommodate use for thin or nectar thickened fluids.



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SafeStraw™ – A volume limiting drinking aid for dysphagia patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink pop (soda, coke) with the SafeStraw?

No, the SafeStraw is designed for use with thin, water like liquids, or nectar thickened liquids. Use with carbonated beverages, or honey thickened will render the SafeStraw ineffective for limiting the volume of consumption.

Can the SafeStraw be cleaned?

Yes. The SafeStraw disassembles for easy cleaning with hot water and soap, or the top rack of a non-industrial dishwasher.

Does the SafeStraw come with a drinking straw?

Yes. The SafeStraw comes packaged with 12 drinking straws. If you would prefer to use your own straw, any ¼” drinking straw will fit the tapered end of the SafeStraw device.

Can I use my own drinking straw with the SafeStraw device?

Yes. If you would prefer to use your own straw, any ¼” drinking straw will fit the tapered end of the SafeStraw device.

What is the difference between the white and blue straw?

White: Use the white SafeStraw for thin consistency liquids such as water, juice and milk.

Blue: Use the blue SafeStraw for any thickened liquids or nectar. In some cases, if you have a patient with a very strong suck, the blue thick liquid straw, may work for both thin and thick liquids. Success using the SafeStraw in this manner will vary.

Note: Use with carbonated beverages, or honey thickened will render the SafeStraw ineffective for limiting the volume of consumption.

How much time does it take the SafeStraw to reset for the next drink?

For thin liquids, the SafeStraw is ready for the next drink in approximately 1- 3 seconds. For thick liquids, it is ready in approximately 6 to 9 seconds.

How do I prime my SafeStraw?

Place in drink and fill the cylinder by sucking once. Suck again to begin to use.

NOTE: Between sips, the float inside of the cylinder needs to reset,or fall to the bottom of the cylinder, to allow for full volume consumption on the next sip. Sink time of the float will vary depending on the thickness of the liquid (approximately 1-3seconds for thin and 6-9 seconds for nectar thickened).

Why is my SafeStraw not working?
  • Make sure you prime your SafeStraw before use. Refer to the above FAQ on how to do this.
  • Check the chamber to make sure it is open.
  • Check to see if your float is stuck.
  • Make sure to use the correct type of liquid.
  • Make sure that your SafeStraw is assembled correctly.
  • It is possible, that your patient doesn’t have a strong enough suck.
Can I purchase only one SafeStraw?

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Millie Z.

Millie Zimmer, CCC-SLP ( Speech Pathologist)

Patient was very happy to get to use the SafeStraw.... much safer now when drinking liquids!

Genevieve Wells | A/Senior Speech Pathologist

I recently trialed a Safe

I recently trialed a Safe Straw with one of my patients. This patient had suffered a stroke and was experiencing dysphagia, he was also slightly impulsive. Before using the Safe Straw, he was requiring constant supervision while drinking to ensure he was taking small sips. This was something that was really burdensome for his family in a busy household. The Safe Straw enabled this patient to drink freely without supervision, and allowed his family to rest easy knowing their loved one was able to drink safely.

Jennifer Hanners, SLP

I have used the SafeStraw

I have used the SafeStraw with a variety of patients. It has been consistently effective for my patients with head injuries by controlling the effects of impulsive drinking. By limiting volume per ****, It has also prevented aspiration in my patients who have decreased **** motor control following a stroke. It makes my patients feel safe and dignified, as they are able to discreetly use the device in restaurants after leaving the hospital.

Mary Spremulli MA,CCC-SLP

I have recommended the Safe

I have recommended the Safe Straw for a few years now with patients. In particular, some patients who are better able to initiate the **** transfer of liquids when using a straw, but, who also may not be able to judge the safest amount of volume to ingest. The Safe Straw helps to control volume and for some can mean the difference between being able to continue drinking their favorite beverages at a regular thin consistency or having to add a commercial thickener, which most people resist.