OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tips & Systems

Bionix OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tips & Systems help healthcare workers provide safe and comfortable ear irrigation without the backsplash, at half the cost of a self-constructed device.

Problem: Traditional ear irrigation sprays water directly into the ear canal, which can be painful, dangerous and messy.

Solution: OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tips, with Gentle Touch Design, directs water to the ear canal wall with three divergent streams, instead of directly at the Tympanic Membrane.

Result: A safe, well tolerated, and clean ear irrigation tip at half the cost of other irrigation methods.


Features & Benefits

Improved patient comfort due to the soft, Gentle Touch Design.

Directs water flow away from the tympanic membrane at three divergent angles for increased safety, virtually eliminating the risk of puncture.

Flared tip design eliminates the fear of over-insertion into the ear canal.

Exit portals prohibit pressure build-up and direct drainage into an ear basin, eliminating backsplash and reducing cleanup time.

Single-use tips reduce the risk of cross-contamination while also eliminating sterilization costs and hassles.


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New Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute Otitis Media


Aural Irrigation Study

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can OtoClear eliminate the risk of damage to the eardrum?

The OtoClear Tip is designed in such a way that the irrigating fluid will not directly impact the eardrum. At the tip there are three holes, which direct the fluid towards the ear canal walls, virtually eliminating the risk of damage to the eardrum.

Does the OtoClear Tip occlude the ear canal?

The OtoClear Tip has special exit portals through which effluent is discharged from the ear canal. This prevents potential build-up pressure in the ear canal, which could cause damage and pain.

Why is the OtoClear Tip less messy in operation?

The exit portals of the OtoClear Tip are designed to direct drainage into the ear basin, reducing clean up time. This design also eliminates splash back onto the operator.

Is there any chance of puncturing the eardrum by using the OtoClear Tip?

The unique flared design of the OtoClear Tip ensures that it cannot be over-inserted in the ear.

Is the OtoClear Tip suitable for all patients?

The OtoClear Tip can be used on patients of all ages. However, in general, ear irrigation including OtoClear Tip, is contraindicated for patients whose eardrum may be perforated, where tympanostomy tubes are present or suspected, or active infection is present or suspected.

Is there a CPT code for this procedure?

There is a New Billing Code for Ear Irrigation. –CPT code 69209.

On December 30,, 2015 a new CPT code was introduced. CPT code 69209, provides a specific billing code for removal of impacted cerumen using irrigation/lavage. Like CPT 69210 (removal of impacted cerumen requiring instrumentation, unilateral), 69209 requires that a physician or qualified healthcare professional make the decision to irrigate/lavage. However, unlike 69210, 69209 allows removal to be carried out by clinical staff.

Criteria for both CPT code 69209 and 69210 are the same and documentation to support the medical necessity of service is necessary to bill a separately identifiable service to an E/M.  Each are considered unilateral and require modifier 50 to establish a bilateral procedure.

Because CPT code 69209 is new, many payers have yet to determine its status.

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Sharon J.

Sharon Johnson FNP

Easy to use with great results. Pain free to patients.

Andy M.

Andy - Paramedic

A++ very happy, Thank you Bionix

jack c.

Jack Clendenin, Nurse Practitioner.

I bought a unit from a third party, Bettys something or other. It kept blowing the adaptor wand out, bad detentes. The second unit I bought from you, it has been working well without a glitch .About10 patients so far . I will let you know if I have the same problem. Jack leonf@sbcglobal.net 3/20/19

Cheri K.

Cheri Knedler CMA

Awesome product would recommend this

Cheri K.

Cheri Knedler CMA

Awesome product!