Oto for Clinicians

Oto for Clinicians allows healthcare providers to easily capture, view, and share high quality, magnified images of the tympanic membrane for clinical collaboration and patient engagement, medical education, and workflow integration in a HIPAA compliant web platform.

Problem: With a traditional otoscope, conditions of the ear are not documentable, are only viewable in real time and lack engagement between clinician and patient.

Solution: Oto for Clinician promotes clinical collaboration, patient interaction and utilizes iPhone® ingenuity for HIPAA compliant documentation.

Results: Consistent visual communication between clinicians and patients to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Oto for Clinicians is only available in the United States.

Oto for Clinicians includes: The Oto • Full Case for iPhone 5/5s/SE • Quarter Case for iPhone 6/6s • Quarter Case for iPhone7 • Quarter Case for iPod (6th generation) •Travel Case • Two infant sized specula tips and two adult-sized specula tips • Lanyard

*Oto™ is a trade mark of Cellscope, Inc, used under permission of Cellscope, Inc. All rights reserved.

*iPhone® and iPod® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.



Features & Benefits

Oto for Clinicians allows healthcare providers to capture high quality images of the tympanic membrane. Results can be easily reviewed by other clinicians or shared with parents/patients to explain the diagnosis and course of treatment.

All images are automatically archived to a HIPAA compliant web platform for later review and importing into EMR. Images can be accessed from any web based device.

The Oto for Clinicians companion applications smart reference library is an excellent resource for medical education and resident programs.

Oto for Clinicians is compatible with iPhone 5/5s/SE and iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 7.




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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say 'Oto?'
“Oto” comes from the word otoscope and is pronounced oh-toe, rhymes with photo.
Which phones work with the Oto?

The Oto is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, and 6s. Please note, the iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are not currently supported.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use the CellScope app?

No, you do not need an Internet connection to capture ear exam videos, input patient information, or review past exams. The next time you are connected to a Wi-Fi network the app will sync with our servers and you will be able to review any captured videos and images on the CellScope web app. However, it is highly recommended that you connect to the Internet to ensure exams are synced with our servers for back up storage.

Does the Oto work with other devices or smartphones?

Right now the Oto works exclusively with the iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, and 6s models running iOS version 8.0 and above.

Is the Oto available for use outside the United States?

Currently, the Oto is not available for use outside the United States.

How much does the Oto cost?

Please log in or create an account to see pricing information.

What is the return policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your Oto for Clinicians you can return it for a full refund within the first 30 days after purchase.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we guarantee a one-year limited warranty. For more details, view our full warranty policy.

About the OTO System

What is the Oto System?
The Oto system is a new approach to otoscopy (ear canal and eardrum visualization) that converts your iPhone into a smart, video otoscope. It includes an iPhone camera attachment, storage case, a specially designed, protective iPhone case (iPhone 5/5s/SE), connector for iPhone 6/6s, and the Cellscope companion app, available for download in the App Store (SM). The companion mobile apps record and store videos and images of the ear canal and eardrum, simultaneously syncing to a web app for easy review of ear exam data.


Getting to Know Your OTO System

How do I assemble my Oto?

First, attach the appropriate phone case onto your iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, or 6s. Next, slide the CellScope Oto attachment into place until it is securely in place (you should hear a click). Twist a tip onto the attachment and you are ready to perform an ear exam. See the Instructions For Use for more details.

Why did my order come with an iPhone 5/5s/SE case and an iPhone 6/6s connector?

All orders include an iPhone 5/5s/SE case and iPhone 6/6s connector. This way, if you’re thinking about upgrading, your Oto will support your new phone too!

The case doesn’t fit on my phone. What do I do?

The case is designed to fit on an iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6s. Due to the importance of lining up the Oto device with the camera and light source of the phone, other phone cases (including Otter Box® cases) cannot be used simultaneously.

How do I know if the specula tip is securely fastened?

Press the specula tip onto the speculum cone and twist clockwise until you feel resistance. The tip should not fall off during an ear exam.

Does the Oto need batteries?

No batteries are needed. The Oto attachment and mobile app use the iPhone light and camera. As long as your phone is charged, you will be able to use the CellScope mobile app together with the Oto attachment.

How do I clean the Oto?

The Oto attachment can be cleaned with a non-scratching, lint-free microfiber cloth that is dry or dampened with alcohol. Submerging the attachment in liquid may cause damage since it is not watertight. Care should also be taken not to scratch the lens of the otoscope attachment.  See the complete Instructions for Use document for more details on maintenance.

How do I get the camera to focus?

‘Tap to focus’ is enabled by default. Tapping anywhere on the camera screen will instruct the camera to refocus at the touch point. The CellScope mobile app allows you to disable this feature on the Settings Screen and enable the ‘Tap Screen to Record’ feature instead.

Why is the image upside down?

The Oto works with the CellScope app for clinicians to display the images right-side up. Use of the Oto with any other camera app will result in an upside-down image and voids the warranty. See the CellScope Warranty for more information.

What should I do if I am having difficulty viewing the image on the screen?

If you are having trouble seeing an image first make sure that you have assembled the Oto attachment properly by sliding it into the CellScope case from right to left, until you hear it click.  Next, check that you are using the appropriate tip size. Finally make sure that your device is clean to avoid debris from blocking the light source or optical path.

If the image is still blurry, wipe the camera lens of the phone with a soft cloth to remove any dust or small particles. If the image quality is still not improved, your device may be broken. Contact support@cellscope.com for additional assistance.

I chose the wrong ear when I recorded the video - how do I correct it?

On the Exam Screen of the app, tap and hold the thumbnail to select it. You will notice a red “x” appear in the corner. Drag the thumbnail to the opposite ear label. Be careful! Tapping on the red “x” will delete the image or video.


iPhone and OTO

How do I determine my iPhone model?

On the rear case of the iPhone, there is a five-character model number starting with ‘A’. To determine the iPhone’s model, compare your model number to the table here.

How do I determine what version of iOS I am using?

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About. Your iOS version will be listed in the ‘Version’ field. Additional information is available here.

How do I update my iPhone’s iOS?

Details on updating your iOS version are available here.

(Note: We strongly recommend that you do not use the CellScope app if your iPhone has been jailbroken or “hacked” since it may have compromised security.)

Can I transfer my companion app to a new iPhone?

Your patient profiles, exams, images and videos have been securely synced to your account on the CellScope website, but cannot be restored on a new phone at this time.

What if I accidentally delete my app?

Re-download the CellScope app for clinicians from the App Store. All data that was uploaded to our servers will only be accessible from the web app at this time. In the near future, you will have the ability to download exam data into the app, but currently that feature is in development.

What if I upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus?

The Oto does not support the iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus. Join our mailing list to receive updates about future model releases.

Can I start and stop recording with the volume buttons?

Apple has deprecated this feature. Using the volume buttons to snap images or start and stop the recording may no longer supported.


The OTO Web App

How do I view my images and videos online?

To access your images, videos and exams, login to the CellScope web app using the same password you use for the mobile app. We support the following web browser / operating system combinations:

Chrome (30 +)

OS X (10.6+)

Windows 7



I was logged out of the website, what happened?

It is our priority to protect your privacy and keep your information secure. Users will be automatically logged out of the CellScope web app if your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes. We recommend that you log out of your CellScope session whenever you leave your computer, even for a short period of time.

How do I create an account to access the app?

You should receive instructions to create an account in your welcome email. If you did not receive these you can create an account at here.

What should I do if I forgot my username?

You were prompted to create a username and password after your purchase. If you forgot your username or have more questions about your account, contact our support team.

What should I do if I forget my password?

To reset your password, click here or tap on the “Forgot password” button on the app login screen to request password assistance. If you haven’t received a confirmation email to reset your password within 5 minutes, please contact support@cellscope.com.

What happens if I receive a phone call while the app is open?

If you receive a phone call, the app will stop and save the current recording before exiting the app. All other notifications (such as email or text messages) should not affect the recording of a video exam.

Why did my app crash?

Though app crashes are unexpected, they can occur for a variety of reasons. To help the CellScope software team determine the issue, access the dropdown menu in the app and select “Support.” This will generate an email. Please describe the issue that occurred in as much detail as possible and our technical support team will be in touch to follow up.

Why can’t I delete past exams?

If you are using iOS 7, some features, such as deleting and archiving past exams, may not be available. The CellScope app will always work best with the most recent version of iOS so we recommend keeping your phone updated to get the most out of your app experience.

For Clinicians

How do I get the CellScope app for clinicians?

The companion CellScope app for clinicians is available in the App Store for download.

Can the Oto be used for monitoring adult ear conditions?

Yes. The Oto is a great tool for monitoring a number of ear conditions. Reusable tips for both infant and standard ear examinees are included in the Oto device packaging.

What does it mean to archive a patient or exam on the app?

When you archive an exam you may still access it online with the CellScope web app but you will not be able to view it on your phone.


OTO in the Clinic

Can I record in higher resolution with the Oto?

Yes. The default recording resolution allows for easy upload. To increase your recording resolution in the CellScope App, go the Settings screen and switch “Record in High Resolution” to ON.

What kind of specula can I use with the Oto?

The Oto is compatible with the reusable CellScope® tips provided as well as all Welch Allyn tips (including reusable and disposable tips).

What happens to the images and videos when I’m finished with my exam?

After capturing a video or image, you may play it back for yourself and for your patients to discuss your findings. To start a new exam tap the finish button at the top right of the Exam Review screen. You may also start a new exam from any screen by selecting “New Exam” from the menu in the top right. All exam data is then uploaded to the web for long-term storage. Exams will stay on your phone until they are archived. See the Settings screen within the app to update your auto Archive preferences.

What happens if my iPhone’s memory is full?

Depending on your phone’s capacity and your usage patterns, it is possible that you may reach your phone’s memory limit. Make sure your iPhone has enough free space available by viewing available Storage from the iPhone’s Settings > General > Usage menu.  If less than 120 MB of space is available, a CellScope error will be displayed that will stop you from recording. You must archive past exams in order to continue.  Manually archive exams by going to the Exam Library screen and swiping left on each exam to archive. You can also set the auto-archive function to remove exams that are older than 7, 14 or 30 days by changing your preferences on the Settings screen. Archived exams will still be available to you on the web.

Can I project the video to a monitor for the patient to see the exam in real time?

At this time, we don’t plan on building in this functionality into the app because we’ve found that AirPlay, MacBook and Apple TV’s wireless streaming from iPhone, works very well. Also, the video playback feature allows you to explain the exam to your patient after it is completed.

Can my patients send me videos for remote diagnosis?

Yes, our CellScope DIRECT platform allows physicians to offer remote diagnostic services to their patients. Interested physicians can email joindirect@cellscope.com.

Can I use my insufflation bulb to perform pneumatic otoscopy with the Oto?

The Oto allows you to perform pneumatic otoscopy by attaching your insufflation bulb and is compatible with:

  • Welch Allyn® Otoscope Insufflation Bulb (Product #21504)
  • Welch Allyn® Macroview Otoscope Insufflation Bulb (Product #23804)

Note: Insufflation bulb is not included.

Can I use my Oto to share images or videos from the CellScope mobile app?

You can email images from within the app by pressing the “Share” button at the top right of the image review page. Personal health information (PHI) is never added to the videos or images you take.  Within the web app, find the exam by referencing the exam date. Select the option to export a PDF file with the exam page. The PDF can then be downloaded to your computer.

Will the images or videos be saved to my iPhone’s camera roll?

No. Our mobile app uses Apple’s Data Protection API to securely store videos, images and patient data on your phone. Your exam data is saved to your Exam Library within the mobile app, and then synced securely with the web app. For security reasons, we caution against saving images or videos to your phone.

How do I switch between video and still photos in the CellScope app?

The CellScope app allows you to quickly switch between video and still photos by tapping on the double arrows located in the bottom right of the camera screen.

How do I include the exam in my Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

To integrate an exam taken with the Oto into your EMR, after you log onto the CellScope web app and access the exam, copy and paste the unique and anonymized URL into the patient’s health record. If you want to review the patient’s past exams, simply click this link to see associated exams. (Note: To access the link on the CellScope website, you’ll need to login to the CellScope web app. The login for the web app is the same as the mobile app.)

A PDF of each exam can be downloaded from the web app and imported into your EMR/EHR.


Security & Privacy

Is the Oto system HIPAA compliant and secure?

CellScope is fully compliant with federal and state privacy laws under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. We take great care to ensure that all information entered into our HIPAA compliant system is kept private and secure. Each user controls their own password, and cannot access their account or mobile app without it. For additional security, CellScope uses the latest SSL encryption technology to automatically encrypt each session and any personal identifiable information.

Is the Oto FDA Approved?

The Oto’s status as a Class 1 device exempts it from FDA approval or clearance (Source: 21 CFR Parts 862-892) due to the low-risk level associated with this type of device. CellScope adheres to the FDA’s rules and requirements for marketing, including but not limited to: registration, labeling and good manufacturing practices. More information can be found on the FDA’s website.

What is CellScope’s Privacy Policy?

You can read our complete privacy statement on our website at cellscope.com/privacy

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Cyd Marckmann, DNP, ARNP
Puyallup, WA

Great for education!

I am a APP Primary Care Fellowship director. This GREAT for teaching both my Fellows & patients. Highly recommend!!!

Natalie Palladino, PNP, CNS

Wow! This is one of

Wow! This is one of the most impressive, technically advanced devices that I've seen in quite some time!



Andrew Schuman, MD

I've been using Oto for

I've been using Oto for Clinicians in my practice for over a year to show patients and parents ���what the problem is�۝! I show them before and after photo's of impacted cerumen, otitis externa, otitis media, and foreign bodies. It motivates parents to comply with my recommendations. I embed the photos in the Electronic Healthcare Record to improve visit documentation. It is also useful for sharing my findings with my ENT colleagues. One of the best connected tech devices available and a good investment.