Oto for Clinicians

Oto for Clinicians allows healthcare providers to easily capture, view, and share high quality, magnified images of the tympanic membrane for clinical collaboration and patient engagement, medical education, and workflow integration in a HIPAA compliant web platform.

Problem: With a traditional otoscope, conditions of the ear are not documentable, are only viewable in real time and lack engagement between clinician and patient.

Solution: Oto for Clinician promotes clinical collaboration, patient interaction and utilizes iPhone® ingenuity for HIPAA compliant documentation.

Results: Consistent visual communication between clinicians and patients to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Oto for Clinicians is only available in the United States.

Oto for Clinicians includes: The Oto • Full Case for iPhone 5/5s/SE • Quarter Case for iPhone 6/6s • Quarter Case for iPhone7   Travel Case • Two infant sized specula tips and two adult sized specula tips • Lanyard

*Oto™ is a trade mark of Cellscope, Inc, used under permission of Cellscope, Inc. All rights reserved.

*iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.


Features & Benefits

Oto for Clinicians allows healthcare providers to capture high quality images of the tympanic membrane. Results can be easily reviewed by other clinicians or shared with parents/patients to explain the diagnosis and course of treatment.

All images are automatically archived to a HIPAA compliant web platform for later review and importing into EMR. Images can be accessed from any web based device.

The Oto for Clinicians companion applications smart reference library is an excellent resource for medical education and resident programs.

Oto for Clinicians is compatible with iPhone 5/5s/SE and iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 7.




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