Lighted Placement Tool

Bionix Placement Tool combines illumination, magnification, and 5 depth guides to help Audiologists take less time to safely and accurately place a foam block deep in the ear.

Problem: Placing a foam block requires three hands. One hand to brace patients head and straighten the ear canal, one to maneuver the object and one to position a light.

Solution: Bionix Lighted Placement Tool brilliantly illuminates 5 depth guides placed at 5mm increments giving practitioner’s visual depth cue’s beyond landmarks.

Result: Complete visualization combined with the reassurance of the depth guide provides you with the safest method for placing foam blocks deep in the ear.


Features & Benefits

The Bionix® Lighted Technology Products are on the Vizient Innovative Technology Contract.
Contract #: MS3771

The LED allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently visualize the ear canal to remove cerumen, while also increasing accuracy and safety of the procedure.

The magnification lens enhances the view of the ear canal.

Single-use tool reduces the risk of cross-contamination while also eliminating sterilization costs and hassles.

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.



Instructions for Use

Press Releases

The New Lighted Placement Tool from Bionix®
Bionix Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient

Frequently Asked Questions

How do they come packaged?

15 Lighted Placement tips, 1 Magnification lens and 1 Light Source per box.

Are the Lighted Placement tips individually wrapped?

No, the Lighted Placement tips come in a single pouch for easy access.

How long will the light source last?

It is designed to provide light for 15 placement procedures.

Are they sterile?

Not necessary, not used in a sterile environment.