Lighted Forceps for Foreign Body Removal

Bionix Lighted Forceps combine illumination and magnification to help healthcare providers take less time to see and safely remove ear canal and nasal passage obstructions.

Problem: Blind curettage in the ear canal or nasal passage can result in pushing the object deeper, which can cause damage and swelling making removal difficult, especially with an uncooperative child.

Solution: The Lighted Forceps brilliantly illuminates the ear canal eliminating the practice of blindly excavating the sensitive area.

Result: Complete visualization shortens procedure time and increases efficacy.


Features & Benefits

The Bionix® Lighted Technology Products are on the Vizient Innovative Technology Contract.
Contract #: MS3771

Forceps open to accommodate object as large as 5 mm with gripper teeth for a secure hold.

Simple, spring grip design for easy, single-handed operation.

The LED allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently visualize the ear canal to remove cerumen, while also increasing accuracy and safety of the procedure.

The magnification lens enhances the view of the ear canal.

Single-use tool reduces the risk of cross-contamination while also eliminating sterilization costs and hassles.

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.



Instructions for Use
Reimbursement Guide

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Bionix Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of objects was the Lighted Forceps for Foreign Body?

The Lighted Forceps is designed to remove both round and leafy objects from the ear and nose.

What types of objects can the Lighted Forceps remove?

The Lighted Forceps is designed to accommodate up to a 5mm round object.

How do they come packaged?

The Lighted Forceps come packaged in a box of 10. Each box contains one light source and one magnification lens.

Are the forceps individually wrapped?

No, the forceps come packaged in two bags of five for easy access.

How long will the light source last?

The light source is the same high quality light source used for the Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification, which was designed to provide brilliant light for over 50 curettage procedures.

Are the Lighted Forceps for Foreign Body Removal sterile?

Not necessary. The Lighted Forceps are not used in a sterile environment.

Is there a CPT code for foreign body removal?

We recommend that you submit CPT code 30300 for potential reimbursement of foreign body removal of the nose and CPT code 69200 for potential reimbursement of foreign body removal of the ear.

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Audrey T.

Audrey Taleff, APRN, Director Acute Access of Care

Excellent product. I have purchased this previously and will again in the future