Lighted Ear Curette™

Bionix Lighted Ear Curette™ combines illumination and magnification to help healthcare providers take less time to see and safely remove cerumen from the ear canal.

Problem: Ear curettage requires three hands; One hand to brace patients head and straighten the ear canal, one to maneuver the curette and one to position a light to avoid blindly curetting in the ear.

Solution: The Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification brilliantly illuminates the ear canal eliminating the practice of blindly curettaging the sensitive area.

Result: Complete visualization shortens procedure time and increases efficacy.


Features & Benefits

The LED allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently visualize the ear canal to remove cerumen, while also increasing accuracy and safety of the procedure.

The magnification lens enhances the view of the ear canal.

Complete line of eight different tip styles (including Adult and Youth sizes) each designed for a specific type of patient and cerumen condition.

Single-use curettes reduce the risk of cross-contamination while also eliminating sterilization costs and hassles.

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.



Instructions for Use
Reimbursement Guide


The Lighted Ear Curette: Ten Devices Changing Medicine
New Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute Otitis Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tip size on each curette?
How do they come packaged?
Are curettes individually wrapped?
How long will the light source last?
Are they sterile?
Is there a CPT code for this procedure?


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What others are saying

  1. Nancy Van Keuls, M.D. Westlake,OH

    Bionix Lighted Ear Curettes have really changed our practice. We quickly and painlessly can clean out ears. We love them!

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  2. Traci Bigham, LPN Grand Island, NE

    Our Doctors were always trying to hold the ear and the light and a curette to remove ear wax but since we purchased The Lighted Ear Curette, it has become so easy and less cumbersome!

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  3. Allen L. Neese, M.D.

    All of the doctors and nurses who tried them were very impressed. A family practitioner from Austin, Texas, wants to order some when he gets home. An emergency department nurse from Abilene, Texas wants to do the same. Dr. Sid Tate, our family practitioner at the Namwianga Rural Health Care Centre in Kalomo, Zambia, received 2/3 of the supply of ear curettes. He emphatically stated that, ‘These are the best instruments I’ve ever used.’ I promised to buy the new instruments as soon as they are available.Dr. Ellen Little is a pediatrician in Kampala, Uganda. She was equally impressed with these little gems and I gave her 1/3 of the supply for her clinic. I look forward to using the final product in my practice and in the field in Africa.

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  4. Allison Young, University of Louisville, Audiology Department. Belize Medical Mission Trip

    I just wanted to say thank you so much again for the Lighted Ear Curettes. Without being able to remove cerumen from many of the people we saw, it would have been nearly impossible to get good test results from them, much less make earmolds. The lighted ear curettes were the perfect solution, not only were they easy to use, but they also were more effective than some of the otolights and curette combination I and my fellow students have used in the past. …And what was neat is that because they looked like little wands, the kids were actually interested in them rather than being afraid of them.

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  5. Daniel Konold, D.O

    Ear Wax Yes, ear wax. Ear wax used to be the bane of my MA’s existence. The flushing syringe is never quite strong enough, cerumenex takes forever and doesn’t really work, the room gets messy and the waiting room gets backed up. The MA’s flushing procedure is not billable and I hated to put my MA through it. That in turn made me reluctant to mention to my patients that they had excess wax in their ears if that was not their chief complaint. Then in a medical journal I read about a lighted ear scoop. It’s a disposable clear plastic scoop with an LED reusable handle. It makes cleaning out ear wax quick, easy and you don’t need a third hand for the light. I was happy I could provide that service to my patient and not make my MA crabby. Later my billing person informed me that since a “physician used a tool to remove ear wax”, documented it, and she billed for it with a modifier, the insurance company paid an extra $80.00 for the procedure! I am no longer reluctant to mention obstructive ear wax to my patients and often offer to clean it out for them. That extra $80.00 is like an extra office visit. I did nearly $5000 in ear wax last year while providing a valuable service to my patients.

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