Lighted Ear Curette™

Bionix Lighted Ear Curette™ combines illumination and magnification to help healthcare providers take less time to see and safely remove cerumen from the ear canal.

Problem: Ear curettage requires three hands; One hand to brace patients head and straighten the ear canal, one to maneuver the curette and one to position a light to avoid blindly curetting in the ear.

Solution: The Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification brilliantly illuminates the ear canal eliminating the practice of blindly curettaging the sensitive area.

Result: Complete visualization shortens procedure time and increases efficacy.


Features & Benefits

The LED allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently visualize the ear canal to remove cerumen, while also increasing accuracy and safety of the procedure.

The magnification lens enhances the view of the ear canal.

Complete line of eight different tip styles (including Adult and Youth sizes) each designed for a specific type of patient and cerumen condition.

Single-use curettes reduce the risk of cross-contamination while also eliminating sterilization costs and hassles.

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.



Instructions for Use
Reimbursement Guide


The Lighted Ear Curette: Ten Devices Changing Medicine
New Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute Otitis Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tip size on each curette?

–   #2240 Lighted FlexLoop® is a 4mm wide tip.
–   #2260 Lighted InfantScoop® is a 2mm wide tip.
–   #2210 Lighted AngleLoop® is a 4mm wide tip.
–   #2220 Lighted MicroLoop® is a 3mm wide tip.
–   #2230 Lighted WaveCuretteTM is a 2.5mm wide tip.
–   #2270 Lighted VersaLoop® is a 3mm wide tip.
–   #2250 Lighted CeraSpoon® is a 4mm wide tip.
–   #2280 Lighted CeraPik™ is a 2.5mm wide tip.

How do they come packaged?

Standard Box: 50 curettes per box + 1 Light Source + 1 Magnification Lens

Clinic Pack: 200 curettes per box + 4 Light Sources + 4 Magnification Lenses

Are curettes individually wrapped?

No. In the standard pack, 50 curettes come in a single pouch for easy access.

In the clinic packs, there are 4 packs of 50 curettes.

How long will the light source last?

It is designed to provide light for 50 curettage procedures.

Are they sterile?

Not necessary, not used in a sterile environment.

Is there a CPT code for this procedure?

We recommend that you submit this under CPT code 69210 for potential reimbursement. Curettage can also be used for foreign body removal. It can be submitted under CPT code 69200 for potential reimbursement.