Light Source

Provides visualization for all Lighted Technology products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the light source last?

It is designed to provide light for 50 curettage procedures.

How do you assemble/disemmble the Light Source to the lighted product?


To assemble each lighted product, insert the end with the Bionix logo, into the light source by aligning the pegs with the grooves inside the light source. Push down and twist FIRMLY clockwise until rotation stops. This will lock the lighted product into place and activate the LED light.

NOTE: This product is a spring loaded device; improper assembly may cause ejections of the lighted product.


To disassemble, push down on the lighted product and rotate counter clockwise to remove from the light source. The light will go off when the product is removed.

The lighted product is single-use, however the Light Source is not. Dispose of the lighted product after each use, but KEEP the Light Source for the remainder for the box. When you reorder another box of tips, you will receive a new Light Source.

Helpful Hint: To avoid accidentally disposing of the Light Source, attach it to our Bionix Lanyard.

Is the Light Source rechargeable or can you replace the batteries?

No, it is not rechargeable and you cannot replace any batteries. The Light Source is a spring loaded device, only activating when the lighted product is locked in. The Light Source will last 50 uses, and when you re-order more tips, you will receive a new Light Source.