Bionix GastroFlush® with ENFIT® connection helps providers clear feeding tube obstructions and avoid emergency feeding tube replacement at a fraction of the cost of a new device. 

Problem: Clogged feeding tubes can result in preventing delivery of medication and nutrition, patient discomfort and associated costs such as transportation, extended stay, and procedures due to complications.

Solution: GastroFlush, an easy to use handheld device using pulsating water to quickly unclog a feeding tube at the bedside.

Results: Feeding tube patency restored in a safe, efficient, cost-effective manner.

*GastroFlush is for enteral feeding tubes with integral ENFit connectors only. It is NOT to be used with Drain Tubes or ENFit transition adaptors. ENFit® and NRFit™ are trademarks of GEDSA
If you do not have ENFit, GastroFlush will not work with your current process.
To learn more about ENfit and GESDA visit the following links.


Features & Benefits

Assists users in removing clogs and helps prevent tube replacement procedures.

Integrated pressure relief valve to prevent tube rupture.

ENFit-compliant connector to allow connection to all styles of feeding tube without the need for stocking multiple models.

No pieces inserted into the feeding tube.



No rental costs for jet lavage unit.

ISO 10992 Compliant Materials.

In-line patency check valve allowing users to quickly check occlusion during declogging without removing GastroFlush.

Simple, intuitive assembly and use.


Instructions for Use
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Features & Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the GastroFlush be reused?

The GastroFlush is a single-use, disposable device only. Dispose of GastroFlush according to hospital guidelines.

Can our facility get an in-house demonstration?

If interested in an in-house facility demonstration please use our Sales Rep Finder, located here, to contact your local representative.

Can the GastroFlush be used with Drain Tubes or ENFit transition adapters?

No. GastroFlush is for enteral feeding tubes with integral EnFit connectors and can only be used with Relish RL1501 (product #9500)

Can you purchase the GastroFlush if you are not a Medical Professional?

No, the GastroFlush can only be used by a licensed Medical Professional.

Has this product been tested for safety and reliability?

Yes, Laboratory Benchtop testing was conducted at Bionix under worse case scenarios. These test results are documented on the back of the GastroFlush sell sheet.