Enteral Feeding Tube DeCloggers®

Bionix DeClogger® helps healthcare providers clear obstructed Gastrostomy tubes (G), Jejunostomy tubes (J), and Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tubes in less than two minutes to restore nutrition and medication delivery and reduce untimely tube replacement.

Problem: Inevitably, over time, G, J, and PEG tubes clog preventing patients from receiving nutrients and medication.

Solution: DeClogger® is a safe, flexible threaded device that bores through occlusions to quickly restore nutrition and medication to patients with obstructed enteral feeding tubes.

Results: Enteral feeding tubes that are free of obstruction in less than two minutes and capable of providing patients with the nutrients and medications that they need.


Features & Benefits

Reduces premature & costly tube replacement.

Available in five French sizes and lengths to fit a variety of feeding tubes.

Flexible design conforms to feeding tube reducing the risk of puncture.


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Instructions for Use
DeClogger Medicare Reimbursement Protocol


Patients with Enteral Feeding Tubes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the DeClogger be reused?

The DeClogger is designed for single-use only.

Can our facility get an in-house demonstration?

The DeClogger is simple and easy to use; just follow the step-by-step protocol for use of the DeClogger.

Can the DeClogger harm the patient in any way?

The DeClogger has a small disc at the handle that prevents over-insertion. The design of the device with its standardized length and flexible plastic molding are added safeguards.

Can the DeClogger work on a nasogastric or nasojejunal tube?

No, these tubes are longer in length and have a smaller French size.

Can you purchase the DeClogger if you are not a Medical Professional?

No, the Declogger can only be used by a licensed Medical Professional.

Is there a Medicare reimbursement code for this procedure?

Click the following link to preview the Protocol for DeClogger Medicare Reimbursement. For further questions, please consult with your billing specialist.

DeClogger Medicare Reimbursement Protocol

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Kathy Hudgins, RN

If we changed eleven G

If we changed eleven G -Tubes a month instead of using the Bionix DeCloggers, our company would lose $330.00. That is a considerable savings. I estimate we are able to save over half our G -Tubes.