Disposable Speculum

Bionix Disposable Speculum helps healthcare providers improve nasal airway field of view with single patient use, lightweight speculum.

Problem: Steel speculums seem to be lost, misplaced, or in sterilization when needed, and are cold and rigid causing discomfort to patients.

Solution: Bionix Disposable Speculum provides the same great view of the nasal cavity, while also having smooth, warm tips that are less alarming to the patients, and provide a comfortable squeeze grip for the health care provider.

Result: Bionix Disposable Speculum provides direct visualization and is an easy-to-use, single use alternative to conventional metal nasal specula.


Features & Benefits

Round tips protect against irritation.

Smooth, warm tips are more comfortable and less alarming to patient.

Single-use speculums reduce the risk of cross-contamination while also eliminating sterilization costs and hassles.




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Instructions for Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Disposable Speculum come in a pediatric size?

No, the Disposable Speculum does not come in a pediatric size.

Does it come sterile?

No, Disposable Speculum is not sterile.

Can the Disposable Speculum be autoclaved?

The Disposable Speculum is designed for single-use only.

How is the Disposable Speculum packaged?

You have the option to choose individually packaged 48/box, or individually packaged 20/box.