Swaddler for Phototherapy is now available to aid in phototherapy treatment


A unique device providing a comforting barrier to infants undergoing treatment of hyperbilirubinemia.

Swaddler for Phototherapy is a device that allows Neonatal Care Givers to safely, and securely swaddle infants undergoing phototherapy treatment. It is the invention of James Huttner, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatrician and co-founder of Bionix®, a Toledo, Ohio based medical device company.

During the first week of life, approximately 1 in 8 full-term infants are readmitted for jaundice, and nearly all premature infants weighing <1500g become clinically jaundice.

Phototherapy is the standard care of treatment to reduce serum bilirubin concentrations. However, infants are undressed during treatment, with the exception of protective eye coverage and diaper, in order to fully access therapeutic light exposure. Add bright lights, sticky leads, and various other attachments, and the infant is suddenly in a high stress environment. With a snug swaddle, the Swaddler for Phototherapy provides a familiar barrier for the arms and legs that does not interfere with phototherapy treatment or infant monitoring. The unique fabric allows for over 90% of phototherapy light transmittance to reach the infants skin.

“I found it easy to position, wrap, and fasten the infant in the blanket. Compared to the unswaddled infant, the swaddled infant was significantly better calmed and comforted during phototherapy.”

            -Nurse D, RN. Staff Nurse


For over 30 years, Bionix has been leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical devices and equipment.

For more information on the Swaddler for Phototherapy, call Bionix at 800-551-7096 or Click Here to purchase.