New OtoClear® Tip with Gentle Touch™ Design


Redesigned to provide greater efficiency and comfort.

Bionix Medical Technologies introduces the new OtoClear® Ear Irrigation tip with Gentle Touch™ design. The Gentle Touch design enhances patient comfort and forms better to the ear further eliminating backsplash. The angle of the three streamed tip has also been adjusted slightly to work more efficiently by targeting stubborn cerumen. These changes are designed to make the OtoClear® tip safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before.

The OtoClear® tip with Gentle Touch design is manufactured from a soft material making it atraumatic to the ear and ear canal. It is the only tip designed to safely remove cerumen utilizing a flared design and three stream tip that sprays divergent streams to the ear canal wall rather than the tympanic membrane.

Bionix redesigned the popular OtoClear® Ear Irrigation tip to meet the needs of its users; a more comfortable, more efficient tool for removing cerumen.

OtoClear® tips come in boxes of 40 and are designed to work on a variety of delivery devices. Those devices include the Ear Lavage System (40 OtoClear® Tips, 1 portable Waterpik® with high/low settings, 1 irrigation basin and 3 adapter wands) and the Bionix Spray Wash Kit (20 OtoClear® tips, 1 Spray Wash bottle and 1 irrigation basin).

For more information on the Bionix OtoClear® Ear Irrigation tip, and other offerings, call 800.551.7096 or Click Here to purchase.