The New Lighted Placement Tool from Bionix®


Allowing Audiologists to place foam blocks with ease.

Bionix® Medical Technologies introduces the new Lighted Placement Tool for Audiology. The Lighted Placement Tool is designed to allow audiologists to place foam blocks in the ear under direct visualization. It features a light source, magnification lens and placement tip with depth markers at every 5mm.

Proper block placement is necessary for patient safety and a successful ear mold. Like many procedures, visualization is a key aspect of proper placement. With the Lighted Placement Tool, light is projected to the tip and is enhanced by magnification. This provides practitioners with complete visualization.

The Lighted Placement Tool for Audiology utilizes award winning technology from the Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification. The lighted technology allows practitioners to complete a variety of procedures under direct visualization. The Lighted family of products includes The Lighted Ear Curette, the Lighted Articulating Ear Curette and Lighted Forceps for foreign body removal.

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