SafeStraw™ – A volume limiting drinking aid for dysphagia patients.


TOLEDO, OH – Bionix® Medical Technologies, a market leading medical device company for over 25 years, introduces the SafeStraw™ – A volume limiting drinking aid. Invented by a Speech Language Pathologist, the SafeStraw is a new device designed to safely deliver a controlled bolus size, approximately 6.2 mi’s or 1 tsp, to individuals with swallowing dysfunction. The limited bolus size allows the user to control and swallow the bolus while minimizing loss from the oral cavity, premature swallow, or aspiration. Additionally, the SafeStraw requires the user to take a short break between sips assuring bolus control.

The Bionix SafeStraw can be used as a therapeutic tool with a patient recovering from a condition such as a stroke, or as an everyday drinking aid for those that need bolus size control. It is offered in two varieties, one for thin fluids (white SafeStraw) such as water, juice (no pulp), etc. The other is for nectar thickened fluids (blue SafeStraw). The SafeStraw is available in boxes of 12 thin or thick, or as a variety pack containing 6 of each.

Difficulty swallowing is often diagnosed as dysphagia and is a condition shared by over 15,000,000 Americans. Frequently, when drinking, individuals with dysphagia or other oral motor dysfunction have difficulty controlling a liquid bolus. Their Pharyngeal muscles react slowly, and they lose fluid from the oral cavity or aspirate. These issues can lead to health problems such as aspiration pneumonia, or to simple loss of dignity and withdrawal.

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