Oto for Clinicians, Now Available at Bionix


Oto for Clinicians is now available for purchase at Bionix Medical Technologies.

TOLEDO, OH., March 1, 2017 – Oto for Clinicians is an iPhone otoscope for ear care, manufactured by Cellscope, Inc. and exclusively distributed by Bionix Medical Technologies. Oto for Clinicians has been featured by Fast Company, WebMD, Popular Science, Medgadget, The New York Time and more.

Oto for Clinicians allows healthcare providers to easily capture, view, and share high-quality, magnified images of the tympanic membrane for clinical collaboration, patient engagement, medical education, and workflow integration in a HIPAA compliant environment.

Traditional Otoscopes are only viewable in real-time and don’t provide healthcare practitioners with the opportunity to document the condition of the ear. The documentation, facilitated by Oto for Clinicians, promotes clinical collaboration, patient interaction and utilizes iPhone ingenuity for simple tracking of resolution and provides consistent visual communication of diagnosis archived to a HIPAA compliant environment.

Included in the purchase of Oto for Clinicians, is the following:

  1. The Oto: The optical attachment that transforms your iPhone into a digital otoscope. (Includes an insufflator port for pneumatic otoscopy);
  2. Phone Cases: Phone 5/5s/SE full case and iPhone 6/6s quarter case to ensure your Oto securely attaches to your phone (Note: not compatible with iPhone 5c, 6Plus, 6sPlus, 7 or 7Plus);
  3. Specula: 4 reusable ear tips in adult and infant sizes (*The Oto is also compatible with Welch Allyn Specula*);  
  4. Travel Case: Small, portable case to bring the Oto wherever you go – around the clinic, on house calls or to a conference; and the
  5. CellScope Companion App: Oto for Clinicians companion app is designed to allow you to easily capture, view, and share high quality magnified images of the tympanic membrane.

Pediatrician Dr. Robert Quillin, said “The Oto makes explaining to parents a once ‘intangible diagnosis a thing of the past.  With its superior digital magnification and image capture, parents can now better appreciate the art of the ear examination.” Dr. Jonathan Kahn, Otolaryngologist said, “I love the ability to access a medical grade app on the iPhone to show people what their ear looks like during their visit.  It’s a great tool for physicians, physician training and patient education.”

For more information, or to purchase Oto for Clinicians, visit www.BionixMed.com or call 800-551-7096.

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