Lighted Suction for Cerumen Removal, New from Bionix


Bionix® Medical Technologies introduces Lighted Suction for Cerumen Removal. The Lighted Suction device from Bionix utilizes the innovative, award winning technology from the Lighted Ear Curette with the efficiency of a suction device. This combination of features provides the necessary tools – light and magnification – for any safe cerumen removal procedure in one new and unique device.

Lighted Suction for Cerumen removal is designed to allow health care practitioners to safely remove cerumen from the ear with the added benefit of light and magnification. It is engineered to provide easy to use, adjustable suction levels using the thumb valve on the back of the handle for maximum versatility and control.

Bionix designed Lighted Suction for Cerumen Removal to meet the needs of customers looking for additional reimbursable methods of cerumen removal. Lighted Suction meets that need with a safe, brilliantly lit suction handle.

Lighted Suction for Cerumen Removal is available from Bionix in quantities of 25 (25 Single-use Suction Handles, 1 Light Source, 1 Magnification Lens). Aspiration pumps are also available from Bionix.

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