Igloo® Wound Irrigation


Medical grade cleaning of cuts & scrapes at home.

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The Bionix Igloo® shield provides people at home a proper wound irrigation device that will deliver a medically recommended PSI (pressure per square inch) stream of water designed to better to remove bacteria and dead tissue within a cut or scrape. The unique shape and design of the Igloo® also allows for flush placement on the skin, virtually eliminating any back splash which in turn reduces the risk of cross contamination from blood-borne pathogens onto a caregiver.

Proper wound irrigation should be conducted prior to application of any antibiotic ointment and/or bandage.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal cleansing – provides medically recommended water pressure to maximize cleansing and healing.
  • Safety – dual exit portals neatly and safely direct fluid downwards. No backsplash towards caregiver.
  • Visibility – clear plastic shield provides complete visibility while irrigating.
  • Portable – small enough to fit in majority of first aid kits.
  • Easy use – ability to be operated with one hand. Simple to refill as often as needed.
  • Made in the U.S.A.