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Enable babies to feed at their own pace.

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Every day, new babies struggle with the ability to learn how to feed and receive nutrition orally. The Bionix Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder is an innovative new baby bottle that allows infants to feed at their own pace with multiple flow rates slower than a standard Stage 1 nipple.

When an infant is first learning to feed from a bottle (whether right from birth or when transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle later), a Stage 1 flow rate is generally too much for the infant to handle. The high flow rate can lead to choking and/or gagging by the baby.

The Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder is a preemie bottle with an adjustable flow rate featuring five distinct levels. The baby can start with just tastes and work his way up to Level 5, which is equivalent to a standard Stage 1 nipple. Unlike other slow-flow premature baby bottles, the Bionix Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder lets you adjust the flow rate without removing the bottle from the baby’s mouth, having to remove the lid and switch out nipples. Adjust it with a simple click of the dial, saving time and hassle.

In 2014, the premature birth rate in the United States was 9.6%. Preemies frequently have trouble learning to breastfeed or bottle feed. This issue can lead to long hospital stays, sizable healthcare costs, a malnourished baby and even postpartum depression for the mother. A solution as simple as having the correct preemie bottle can lift the burdens of these financial and health concerns off your family.

It can be stressful and disheartening watching your preemie struggle to feed. We can help. By catering to the individual baby’s needs, the Bionix Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder helps the preemie develop the skills needed to successfully feed orally and transition up to standard baby bottles and nipples once ready.

Features & Benefits

The Bionix Controlled Flow Baby Feeder gives the parent control over the flow rate of nutrition to best fit the feeding capabilities of their individual baby.

  • Can be used to condition feeding ability direct from birth or to transition from breast to bottle.
  • Enables babies of different ages or medical circumstances to feed at levels appropriate to their needs.
  • Controls nutrition flow rate utilizing six easy to adjust settings. Beginning with “Zero” & up to Level 5: the equivalent of a Stage 1 nipple.
  • Ability to increase or decrease flow based on cues provided by the baby without removing bottle from mouth during feeding.
  • Reduces risk of aspiration.
  • Allows various caregivers to provide consistent feedings.
  • Bottle provides accurate measurement of total nutrition intake.
  • Designed by an infant medical therapist.
  • Certified BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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You're an extremely beneficial internet

You're an extremely beneficial internet site; could not make it without ya!


Five Stars

Great way to take babies from NPO to oral feeds and keep them safe while doing so.


Wonderful for my breastfed baby

I bought this bottle for my healthy breastfed infant so I would be able to keep the flow as low as possible and prevent nipple confusion or preference when I come back to work. The nipple is very soft and baby took right away!