Calming Cushion Wellness Tool

Comfort for those with emotional, behavioral & cognitive challenges.


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The Calming Cushion serves as a therapeutic intervention and wellness tool for individuals with emotional, behavioral, and cognitive challenges.

The safe squeeze the Calming Cushion provides simulates a feeling of being held securely and comfortably in order to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and agitated before having a behavioral outburst.  A study, approved by Boston University, then published** was conducted in a residential treatment program for youth with emotional dysregulation, intense anxiety, agitation and histories of trauma.

The results reveal that the Calming Cushion has a positive calming and soothing effect.  Typical feedback from the youth included,  “I feel so calm. I’m not angry, It’s so soothing.” and “I take it [the calm feeling] with me.”

In residential treatment facilities, the Calming Cushion can reduce the need for physical restraints and seclusion to preserve individual dignity.  The Cushion can also be used at home by a parent for a child who may benefit from a safe, comfortable intervention for calming. An adept teen could also be trained to use it independently.

How it works:

Individual lies on their back or side in center of the 40” x 60” cushion.  The small custom-made, hospital grade Calming Cushion Vacu-Pump is attached to the Cushion via a short hose.  The Vacu-Pump removes the air in the cushion to provide the safe, secure pressure while forming to the contour of the individual’s body.

Beneficial for:

  • Stress & Distress, Anxiety, Aggitation
  • Depression
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Over stimulation and hyperactive behavior
  • Compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary traumatic stress of caregiver
  • Home, School, Residential Treatment, Psychiatric Care, or Private Practice setting

** Social Work Journal, October 2017, Volume 62, Number 4, pp. 359 – 365.


Seclusion and restraint are commonly used by residential staff to control unsafe behaviors of youths with disabilities and complex trauma histories. This pilot study examined the effect of a nonrestraining cushion as a calming device and wellness tool in a setting that prohibits supportive physical contact, to see to what extent the cushion might help these youths to better regulate their emotional distress and unwanted behaviors. Volunteers used the cushion for 15 minutes over 24 sessions. Nine students completed the study and reported reduction in anxiety and agitation, and a soothing feeling with residual effects to their daily routines. This pilot study suggests that the use of a nonrestraining, deep-pressure cushion may simulate a secure holding effect for young people with emotional dysregulation. The cushion is a safe and healing wellness tool that empowers youths and provides programs with an alternative to seclusion and restraint.

Additional information

Weight 11.2 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 5.25 × 9.5 in

Calming Cushion with Vacu-Pump™, Extra Calming Cushion, no pump

Features & Benefits

  • Published research study peer reviewed**
  • Preserves dignity in place of enacting restraint
  • Simulated secure hold without physical restriction or constraint
  • Made of durable nylon, filled with polystyrene filler
  • Economy size for storage can be folded or hung in a closet