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Absorbs Water from the ear in seconds!

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AfterSwim® is the safest, fastest, alcohol-free way to dry ear canals!

The Bionix AfterSwim® introduces a new approach to drying water in the ear. Intentionally removing water from clogged ears can prevent swimmer’s ear (otitis externa), ear infection or bacteria buildup. No other product on the market, including ear drops, can physically remove water in the ear so quickly! It is safe to use on yourself as well as on children who have smaller ear canals.

Swimmer’s ear is caused by water that remains in the ear after swimming, bathing, participating in water sports, or any other water-based activity. Bacteria starts to grow and eventually causes an infection. Once the infection starts, you must go to the doctor to get a course of antibiotics to clear it up.

The easiest method of avoiding swimmer’s ear is to prevent water in the ear canal. While you can try to shake it out or jam the corner of a pool towel in your ear, these will not produce effective results. Do not stick a cotton swab in your ear, as these can be accidentally inserted too deep and cause impacted ear wax or eardrum damage.

Instead, try AfterSwim® Water Removal. It is contoured in a way that the tip will reach far enough into the ear canal to absorb water, but it cannot be over-inserted like a cotton swab. As you touch the tip of AfterSwim® to the water blockage, it quickly absorbs the water into the sponge. You will see the sponge expand as it works.

Bionix AfterSwim® is safer and more effective than cotton swabs, as there is no risk of over-insertion and eardrum damage. It is more thorough and cleaner than alcohol ear drops and will not cause itchy ear canals. Plus, AfterSwim® is faster and less abrasive than air dryers for ears.

Try it today! AfterSwim® comes 20 to a pack.

Features & Benefits

  • Alcohol free! No need to place unnecessary or potentially harmful chemicals into the ear.
  • Flared tip design eliminates the risk of damage to the ear canal and ear drum. AfterSwim only needs to be inserted far enough into the ear to break the surface level of the water. The wicking action of the product will remove the water on its own.
  • One AfterSwim can absorb over 5x the amount of liquid an average ear canal can hold. Therefore, one product can be used on both ears.
  • Safe for all ages!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes 20 to a pack


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Rose F.

They work

As soon as I received them in the mail, I took a swim in the pool to try the AfterSwims and it really got the water out of my ears. I am no longer afraid of getting water in my ears when I'm swimming. Why didn't I think of this. Great product.

Amazon Customer

Great Idea - used these

Great Idea - used these for my daughter when she had ear tubes since she would not keep her ear plugs in.

Alex & Lizzie's Mommy


My kids take swim lessons weekly and this is the most safe, wonderful tool for getting the water feeling out of their ears. My 8 year old son especially likes them-so gentle he can use them on himself. LOVE IT!

Sandra Moser

Five Stars magic

Kenneth E. George

Even at the age of

Even at the age of 68, entering your own ear with a Q-Tip can cause anxiety and trepidation. " Put nothing in your ear sharper than your elbow" has rung in my memory for 6.8 decades. With aging. though, comes more ear wax. This product lets me thoroughly soak up the H20 or the Swim Ear or the Auro or the bath/shower/pool water with little or no worry about eardrum damage. It is one of those, "Dam it! Why didn't I think of that?" products.