SafeStraw™ Drinking Aid by Bionix Helps Individuals Suffering from Challenges with Dysphagia and Swallowing

TOLEDO, Ohio – Every June, people around the country observe National Dysphagia Month. Dysphagia refers to problems swallowing that can range from severe situations of a complete inability to swallow to mild discomfort when swallowing. This difficulty with swallowing is a condition shared by over 15,000,000 Americans.

To address this very serious health issue, Bionix® Heath at Home has developed an effective device called the SafeStraw™ Drinking Aid, which assists patients with deficient oropharyngeal – or oral motor skills – drink safely. Patients with this type of dysfunction have difficulty consuming liquids because of the inability to control the liquid bolus.

Bionix SafeStraw limits the nutrition intake of a standard drinking straw. “As the patient sips on the straw with our SafeStraw, the beverage flows through the valve and into the chamber causing the float to rise,” said Paul Czerniakowski from Bionix. “After the float reaches the top of the chamber, the SafeStraw will prevent the patient from receiving any more fluid. Each sip will limit the nutrition intake to approximately one teaspoon allowing an ability to control the liquid orally and safely swallow.”

The product comes in two distinct versions. One for water consistency liquids, and the other for nectar or honey thickened liquids. Both are manufactured in the U.S. with strict adherence to FDA guidelines and sell for $11.99 a piece.

Bionix Health at Home is a division of Bionix Development Corporation, a manufacturer of innovative medical devices since 1984. Bionix products are designed to professional medical standards and presently found in medical offices and hospitals throughout the United States along with 50 additional countries worldwide. Our innovative devices are used every single day on treatment of various patient alignments ranging from simple earwax removal, the alleviation of pain and anxiety from shots, to feed/swallowing difficulties.

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