New Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder by Bionix Helps Babies Receive Vital Nutrition During Early Development Stages

TOLEDO, Ohio – March is National Nutrition Month and while eating healthy is being promoted for almost all ages, not many are focused on babies and how ample, free-flowing nutrition is pivotal for healthy development of the pint-sized group.

Many infants have trouble feeding. In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate that more than 25 percent of developing infants are affected by problems with eating. To help parents with this issue, Bionix® has developed the Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder that matches the flow of nutrition to fit the feeding capabilities of each individual baby.
“Every day, newborns struggle with the ability to learn how to feed and receive nutrition orally, whether from a bottle or naturally,” said Paul Czerniakowski from Bionix. “This issue can lead to long hospital stays, sizable healthcare costs, a malnourished baby and even postpartum depression for the mother. At Bionix, we’re excited to offer parents solutions to help babies get the vital nutrition needed to be healthy.”

When an infant is first learning to feed from a bottle, a Stage 1 flow rate is generally too much for the baby to handle. The high flow rate can lead to choking and/or gagging by the baby.

The Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder is a bottle – that even fits preemies well – with an adjustable flow rate featuring five distinct levels. The baby can start with just tastes and work his way up to Level 5, which is equivalent to a standard Stage 1 nipple. Unlike other slow-flow premature baby bottles, the Bionix bottle lets parents adjust the flow rate without removing the bottle from the baby’s mouth, removing the lid and switching out nipples. Consistent, controlled feedings also help reduce the risk of aspiration and distressed feeding sessions regardless of the caregiver.

Czerniakowski continued, “In 2015, 1 out of 10 babies was born too early in the U.S. and this new bottle will help many families. It’s stressful and disheartening to watch your preemie struggle to feed. By addressing individual baby’s needs, our bottle helps babies develop the skills needed to successfully feed orally and transition up to standard bottles and nipples once ready.”

The product was created and is manufactured in the U.S. It’s part of Bionix’s Health at Home product line and costs only $29.99. The Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder can be bought on the Bionix Health at Home website.
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