Bionix Health at Home Releases Calming Cushion to Provide Effective Therapeutic Comfort

TOLEDO, Ohio – April is Autism Awareness Month, which helps with educating and increasing awareness about the autism epidemic. One in 68 children are affected by autism, and it’s one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the country.

Boinix is committed to providing real-world assistance and solutions for families and caregivers. It can be difficult to give comfort to people with sensory challenges, but Bionix’s new Calming Cushion creates a timely, comforting, and controlled environment. The therapeutic intervention product is helpful when a person who struggles with emotional, behavioral and cognitive challenges inhabits an overwhelmed state.

The Calming Cushion provides non-restraining, gentle pressure to an individual suffering from a dysregulated emotional experience, like a panic attack, promoting a soothing, tranquil state. The company says that because the secure hold does not physically constrain the person, it allows the individual to maintain dignity in the moment of the treatment.

The person in need lies on his or her back on top of the 40” x 60” cushion while the hospital- grade Vacu-Pump™ is being operated by a caregiver or guardian. The Vacu-Pump™ removes air from the cushion to at least partially envelop the person, providing a hug-like feeling around the individual’s body. It calms the individual privately before and after he or she experiences an overwhelmed state.

The Calming Cushion can be used in a private home, private practice, psychiatric care, schools, or any other institution with a special needs population. It is easy to use and control by the caregiver or guardian of the person in need of the therapeutic treatment.

The Calming Cushion was invented by Reizel Polak, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who practices in Brookline, MA. “Typical therapies normally do not allow physical contact like hugs for people with dysregulated emotional behavior,” said Ms. Polak. “I discovered during my clinical work that a cushion like this can provide a soothing sense of well- being in a difficult situation.” She went on to say that the Calming Cushion can be useful with people suffering from autism, complex trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, some neurological disorders, and attachment disorders.

“We’re excited to be introducing the Calming Cushion into our product line,” said Paul Czerniakowski, Director of Bionix Health at Home. “It continues our tradition of innovative high-quality medical grade products that make life better.”
Although the product is new, initial product testing has been positive. “The cushion calmed my daughter and allowed us to go on with our day,” said one user. “This device would be helpful to many families with children on the autism spectrum.”

The Calming Cushion costs $599 and uses hospital-grade technology. The Calming Cushion can be purchased on the Bionix website in the Health and Home section. Despite being a large product at 40” x 60” it has two optional storing methods, folded or hung up both provide easy access if needed quickly.

Bionix Health at Home is a division of Bionix Development Corporation, a manufacturer of innovative medical devices since 1984. Bionix products are designed to professional medical standards and presently found in medical offices and hospitals throughout the United States along with over 50 additional countries worldwide. Our innovative devices are used every single day on treatment of various patient ailments ranging from simple ear wax removal, the alleviation of pain and anxiety from shots, to feeding/swallowing difficulties.


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