University Medical Center Case Study: SafeStraw

University Medical Center Lubbock, TX 79415 Date: November 2014 Clinician: Chris Bolinger A 58 year old Hispanic male admitted to the hospital for hepatic encephalopathy after being found minimally responsive in his vehicle. Co-morbidities include: alcoholic liver cirrhosis, elevated LFTs, erosive esophagitis, hypertension, seizure due to alcohol withdrawal, and Wernicke’s encephalopathy. Chest x-ray on admission revealed possible pneumonia. Patient was oriented to person, but not… (Read More)

Take a Small Sip!

  Product Review: SafeStraw by Bionix by Karen Sheffler, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S of  Background: Do you find yourself choking when you are chugging your drinks? Does fast drinking from a cup or straw make you cough, like liquid is going down the wrong pipe? Maybe it is. Maybe a Speech-language Pathologist (SLP) needs to evaluate your swallowing function. Speech-Language Pathologists specializing in difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)… (Read More)

SafeStraw Might Help You Swallow Through Thick and Thin

By Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP Aspiration, food or liquid getting misdirected into the airway, can be a source of aspiration pneumonia and result in a hospitalization and recommendation for altering the diet, which often includes thickening liquids. Thickened liquids, no matter what formula, are not often enjoyed by patients once out of the hospital or rehab.  These individuals generally do not adhere to the recommendation… (Read More)

Helpful Overview of Sensory Processing Disorder

For parents whose children have been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, your head might be spinning. It is not uncommon to be concerned with how your child will learn to grow and function while living with this condition. Bionix Health at Home assembled this resource for you to learn about sensory processing disorder as well as provide tips and tools you can implement in your… (Read More)

Fact vs. Myth: Swimmer’s Ear

Contrary to popular belief, swimmer’s ear is not just a normal ear infection. Separate fact from myth with our short guide. Swimmer’s ear can involve pus draining from the infected ear. Fact. There is a misconception that swimmer’s ear is simply a mild malady caused by water in the ear that will go away on its own. In reality, it is a bacterial infection that… (Read More)

Safe summer swimming tips

Bright sunbeams stream through the window on a summer day as the temperature climbs on the thermometer outside the window. The kids are on summer break and are as amped as ever. As you tell the kids to get their swimsuits, toss the sunscreen and towels in your bag and slip on your flip flops, it can be easy to get caught up in the… (Read More)

The relationship between speaking and swallowing

In honor of National Dysphagia Awareness Month, we want to take a moment to focus on the health care professionals that treat patients with dysphagia and who do so much to improve their quality of life. The surprising part is that you may never guess the job description from the title: Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are the professionals who most commonly treat swallowing problems. What does… (Read More)

Learning How to Swim as an Adult

Your story might be that you spent last year’s beach vacation sunning on the sand, reading, napping or passing out snacks while your kids splashed in the waves, even though cooling off sounded inviting. Perhaps your high school son joined the swim team and is encouraging you to learn how to swim, even as an adult. Or perhaps your joints aren’t what they used to… (Read More)

How to keep water out of the ears during swimming, surfing, and other water sports

Spring is officially here. Air temperatures are rising, daylight hours are getting longer and the water at your favorite outdoor spots is getting warmer. Swimmers, surfers, divers, and everyone else who enjoys water sports feels the itch to get back to what they love. With water sports come the seasonal risks of these activities, one of which is ear infections (Swimmer’s Ear) caused by water… (Read More)

How Barium Swallow Tests Can Identify Dysphagia

For people who have difficulty swallowing or suspect that they have dysphagia, a visit to a doctor is necessary to obtain a correct diagnosis. Swallowing problems are identified by physical examination as well as through various barium swallow tests. What is a barium swallow study? A barium swallow study is essentially an X-ray study of the upper gastrointestinal tract, particularly the pharynx (back of mouth… (Read More)

Guide for Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Problems

The birth process was a tremendous experience, and as tough and rewarding as that part was, now it’s on to nurturing a healthy and happy infant with guidance on breastfeeding and bottle feeding problems. It’s important to know what normal feeding is like as well as what it’s like when babies experience bottle feeding and breastfeeding problems. You should know the causes of these problems,… (Read More)

At-home wound care? Use irrigation.

Every mother has first-hand knowledge of wound care. Your child crosses the crest of the hill and runs down the steep bank on the other side. You urgently yell for him to slow down, but his peals of laughter drown out your warning. Suddenly, he stumbles… and you watch in horror as he falls and gashes his knee open on a sharp rock. Fast forward… (Read More)

Soaring insulin prices mean more diabetics could move to injections

Since 2002, the price of insulin has increased on average by 200%. That’s an astronomical jump for diabetics who rely on the substance to live. In fact, in November 2016 the American Diabetes Association started gathering signatures for a petition for lower insulin prices. The petition is directed to drug companies and Congress and specifically asks for more transparency in the industry. Here are some… (Read More)

New guidelines on ear wax removal promote irrigation

In early January, the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation released updated guidelines for how to remove ear wax blockages, including diagnosis and treatment. While the former 2008 guidelines only provided tips for clinicians, the new 2017 version emphasizes that ear care starts with the patient and includes tips for ear wax removal at home. Ear wax and its purpose Ear… (Read More)

Tips for a Painless Surrogate Mother Process

First and foremost, congratulations and thank you. It is a generous, selfless act to become a surrogate mother and give your time, energy, and body to conceive and nurture a child for another family. You have chosen to give a precious gift to parents who wish to start a family and yet cannot do so biologically. As many other women who have walked this path… (Read More)