Bionix ShotBlocker gets thumbs-up from mommy blogger reviews

This year’s flu shot requirement was a necessary but potentially unpleasant surprise for children and parents who thought administration would simply be a nasal spray. For 2016-2017, the CDC specifically recommended against the nasal spray vaccine due to its ineffectiveness. That recommendation left the injection version as the only option along with an urging that getting vaccinated is as necessary as ever.

Some degree of needle phobia (the fear of needles) is common in children. Even if there is no actual fear or anxiety, no one enjoys the pain of the poke. That is why Bionix developed ShotBlocker® for injections, a plastic device designed to trick nerves with extra sensation to lessen the pain of injections.

A couple authors of “mommy blogs,” which share experiences and recommendations for various elements of parenthood, tried the Bionix ShotBlocker on their children this year during their flu shot appointments.

  • Aubrie, mother, non-profit director and blogger for Splendry, describes the ShotBlocker as “best Amazon purchase ever.” Neither of her young boys cried during their shots, and her five-year-old son even gave it his own video endorsement after the fact. Read the full ShotBlocker review and watch the video.
  • A writer for the Westchester NY Moms website received a recommendation for the ShotBlocker from another mom whose son used it for frequent allergy shots. She decided to purchase it for her daughter’s upcoming flu shot. At the flu shot appointments, the nurse read the instructions and was instantly on-board because the device is so easy to use. And the daughter? Thumbs-up from her. Read the full ShotBlocker review.

The ShotBlocker is simple enough to be used at home, yet tested and studied with results that lead physicians to use it in their offices, too. Cassie, a Facebook commenter, says that the device is always an option at her pediatrician’s office. “Both of my girls, 5 and 7, ask for the ShotBlocker to be used because they know that the shot will not hurt. They are not scared of shots anymore.”

Wondering where to buy ShotBlocker? ShotBlocker is available for purchase through the Bionix Heath at Home website. If you think that it would be a useful addition to your pediatrician’s office, be sure to tell them about it at your next visit.

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